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Clash of Clans 5.113.2

Clash of Clans 5.113.2 Free Download

free download

Your walls won’t be strong enough against my barbarians!


Strategy games are living a new golden age thanks to the dominance of mobile devices in the market. Proof of this is the success of the free to download app Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell for Android and iOS systems. This title takes the classic elements of the genre such as a good sense at managing your resources and troops and makes a good combination with a good and attractive design.

The story so far is as simple as leading your own barbarian clan to victory against goblin clans and other players on the Internet that will try to destroy your base. The campaign and its missions are not really the main part of the game, but at least they offer a good way to train before getting into the competitive massive online multiplayer, as even on higher levels, the battles against the AI will be challenging.

Although technically it is not state of the art, its colorful design creates an enjoyable sensation while you are playing. Graphic animations are very simple in general, but the sound effects will make you smile from time to time when you hear your Hog Riders yelling ‘yeah!’ all over your enemy's place. That’s a splendid view to see when downloading this title.

Play against the AI or against other players
Play against the AI or against other players

Need more Barbarians

As in any strategy game, you will have to create your own attack and defense forces with troops you raise, and defensive buildings for your base's protection. In order to get any of these elements you will first need a good amount of resources such as gold, elixir and dark elixir that can be extracted with different structures. Additionally you can get these resources by attacking other players. You can also use the gems, which are additional resources that can boost the production of troops, can buy other resources or buy elements such as Pirate Flags to customize your base.

The creation of troops and buildings takes time as well as resources, and you will find different types included

Attack and defense must be planned beforehand since time is a precious treasure. The creation of troops and buildings takes time as well as resources, and you will find different types included. From the three available tiers for troops that include Goblins, Barbarians, Archers, P.E.K.K.A., Dragons, Mages and Wall Breakers to Dark Troops such as the Hog Riders and Golems and Heroes like Barbarian King or Archer Queen. For the defense part, you will find the new X Bow, different kinds of traps such as the Giant Bomb, and defensive towers. Furthermore, the player will have the ability to create spells during fast-paced battles that enhance the attacks with freezing and healing effects.

The great attraction of this game is the competitive mode, in which you can form your own alliance with your friends and get into the top of the leaderboard. This way, with the attacks on other players while pillaging their resources, you can unleash the real power of the teamplay with your advanced strategy and borrowing additional units by raiding your enemies.

Clash of Clans 5.113.2 Features

Check out the details and the main features of Clash of Clans:

  • Build your barbarian kingdom starting with a little village and turning it into an inexpugnable fortress
  • Great variety of resources like gold, gems, and two types of elixirs for building any kind of structure
  • Create your personal clan with your friends and aim for the top of the alliances on the massive multiplayer game mode
  • In-app purchases of gems to improve and boost the creation of different village elements and troops
  • Different kinds of attacking troops such as the barbarians, archers, mages, witches and Valkyries
  • Defend your base with walls and defensive structures with additional powers and spells

For additional details of Clash of Clans before the download of the application, feel free to visit the main official site.

System Requirements

Check out the list of the minimum specifications for Clash of Clans on your mobile device:

  • OS: Android 4.0.3, iOS 4.3 or later for both systems
  • Size: 48MB free space for Android and 51.2MB for iOS

free download


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